We love logistics. 

And we are all about improving the processes in our customers' supply chain.

We do this by implementing Blue Yonder Warehouse Management Software (the best WMS in the galaxy) and creating customised solutions with our Grid Software.

We have always grown slow and organically by choice, mostly by hiring via referrals and the network of our colleagues. But, now that Starware has reached the size of almost 50 people, we have come to a point at which we are continuously looking for new candidates in several roles.

Hence, we felt it was time to create a single place of information about all career possibilities at Starware.

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Scroll down for an overview of all job openings at Starware.

Are you an experienced analyst, configurator, tester or developer of WMS Software?

Are you fed up with the closed system you are working with?
Is your job limited to explaining your off-shore partner what to build, preventing you to help your client yourself?
Are you tired of company politics that is eliminating change at all costs?

Take a look here, there is another way!

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Have you been selling software and have a strong affinity with logistics and supply chains?

Are you tired of the rat race to try and bump up sales at the quarter end?
Would you like to avoid stress-inducing targets, forcing you to chase customers that you know are not ready to commit?
Are you appalled by the bonus culture that only rewards the lucky ones that close a deal?

We do sales differently, have a look:

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Are you our next project manager?

We are looking for project managers, scrum masters and agile coaches to help us with our agile implementation approach at our customers.

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Do you have experience supporting WMS Software?

In this day and age, almost every logistical operation is operating 24×7. And, we wanted to come up with a way to support our customers, preferably in their local language, without forcing our colleagues to be working night shifts. So, to facilitate sustainable support we are opening up offices in Canada and Australia next to our Dutch and German offices.

For the adventure of a lifetime, click here:

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Are you a software developer with an interest in supply chains and logistics?

Do you want to learn more about voice solutions, robotics and warehouse automation?
Do you love to work on front end and back end applications?
Would you like to build solutions together with industry leading 3PL and retail companies?
Do you know your way around the Microsoft solution Stack?

Join Starware, we have cookies 😉

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Didn’t find your dream job here?

Please tell us about it, we might not even know yet we needed you al this time!

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Are you looking for…?


We really don’t care where you work! That's why we hope you choose the place that suits you, like in one of our offices, at home, at the customer, at the local coffee bar…

Of course when working in projects it’s sometimes necessary to meet up with the customer or your team. With this in mind, we will promote limited travelling and flexible work at all times.

For this reason, if we have multiple people living near each other we can also look for a small office in that area. So, talk to us if you feel you travel too much or too little!

In addition, we encourage you to work on the times that suit you best.  So, if you want to travel before or after traffic that’s fine for us.

Furthermore, if you need to be at home halfway the day to pick up the kids that is ok. As long as you generally meet your contract hours.

Above all, we believe that it works best for the company and the individual to be flexible both ways.


Firstly, we pay a top salary for the matched role and experience.

Not to mention pensions are fully paid by the company at Starware.

And you will join the Starware profit sharing plan from day one you will enter the company.

Moreover, at Starware we have 31 days of holiday, regardless your age. We feel you should be able to enjoy life while you are young.

You’ll have an allowance to study… what ever.

Additionally, we encourage employees to have a lease car, otherwise we provide a higher salary to cover your travel expenses.

Sounds interesting?


Our CEO's are total Apple fanboys, so you'll be sure to work with the latest apple equipment at all time.

Actually, our Blue Yonder consultants work with the latest version of the Blue Yonder WMS, now JDA has merged with Blue Yonder, we see very advanced Machine Learning and AI entering the WMS space.

Plus, our developers work with the latest automation and robotics technologies in the warehouses. While building their software via the latest Microsoft Stack and frameworks & tools like MS DevOps, Git, Angular & Azure.


Work in a self-steering, highly motivated and skilled team.

Moreover, at Starware you will have a lot of freedom to decide your own career path.

Besides, we'll support you when you need training to become the best in the specialism of your choice. So, instead of growing towards the inevitable managerial role, there is also a lot of room to grow your technical skills and keep doing what you love to do.


Starware started out as a company ran by family & friends. We believe this has brought a casual atmosphere to the company that is hard to find.

Thus, it is our goal to keep that vibe for as long as we will exist.

In addition, Starware is open to all and we enjoy the diversity of our team, regardless of what they look like, where they come from, how they worship or who they love.

What binds us is that we all want to do good work, our drive to keep improving, have a good sense of humor and our ability to put things into perspective.


Every event we join or organise we try to do something special, wether it is joining a conference, trade show or a Starware event.

For instance, twice a year we organise the days of Starware (each a 2 day event) in which we invite all colleagues to join, in a mix of work and social activities. These events have become quite legendary.

Don’t believe us?

We have the pictures to back it up 😉


  • As you are probably new to the specifics of Starware's solutions,

    we have a training program in which we will get you up to speed in no time.

  • Together we will see in which direction

    your ambition and current skills will lead you.

  • Our training program involves instructor led trainings

    by Blue Yonder and Starware. We have numerous sandbox environments available with specific scenarios in which you can deep dive into the specific matters.

  • As soon as your basic skills are up to speed,

    you will start your training on the job by joining our support or project teams where you will learn from the best 😉