Herzlich wilkommen New International Office Starware

New Starware Office in Germany


Reeuwijk, 19 January 2017 – Starware, specialist in the field of logistics and supply chain software solutions based on JDA Software, is happy to announce that it has expanded to Germany and opened its first international office in Hamburg.

Starware operates globally from their corporate headquarters in Reeuwijk and the branch office in Venlo, both in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, from now on they offer their services also from the new office in Germany. This way the communication with German companies can be carried out in German, which removes the language barriers.

“The decision to expand to Hamburg was a logical next step in our business’ growth strategy”, said Marc Roelofs, CEO of Starware. “We already have been operating in Germany for a couple of years. Until now, this was done by our Dutch colleagues. Now we can better focus on helping German companies in their native language. As a start, we will be hosting our first event “JDA 3PL Connect” together with JDA software in our new office the 29th of March and we hope to see you there”.

About Starware

We are the ICT service provider for logistic and supply chain solutions. We were founded in 1992. Our offices are in Reeuwijk and Venlo, the Netherlands and in Hamburg, Germany.

We have been helping companies with their Warehouse Management Software implementations since 2009 and we have implemented about 400 successful projects that range from small customisations to complete JDA Software WMS implementations.

In addition, we have developed our own high availability/high performance customisation platform, the Grid, which enables companies to streamline their business processes and enrich their legacy systems.

Furthermore, we also provide business intelligence solutions. With Qlik software we assist companies who want to make better decisions, helping with connecting all data sources and creating business discovery dashboards.

At Starware we like to do things a little different: there are no management layers but cross functional teams that excel in their profession. By combining the best parts of project methods like Agile, Scrum or Devops we achieve the best results. We have an open view to the world outside and continuously adapt to the ever-changing, wondrous world of supply chains. All with one purpose in mind: Helping our customers improving their supply chain.

Find out more at www.starware.nl